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Tips For A Successful Beach Photo Session In Galveston, Texas!

It can be stressful getting everyone together for a beach photography session. Especially when there are small kids. You first need to pick a photographer and a location, then the outfits you’ll wear, and finally, convince everyone to cooperate. There’s a lot to consider. Good news: it doesn’t have to be stressful. A photographer can recommend the right location for your needs, family situation, or style. Your photographer can even provide tips on outfit selection or even send you Pinterest boards.

Here are some tips for successful beach photography!

Creating memories! Is there a reason for these professional portraits? Memories are the key for most people. It all comes down to capturing beautiful moments. Stunning portraits that will last a lifetime. When planning your photo session, let that reason guide you. Laughter, fun, and memories are what matter. Having beautiful images is your goal. Remember to keep a light heart and your love for your family matters most. The moody teenager or child might not want to look at the camera or smile their true smile, but with patience, you may get what you want. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself or them.

It’s all about the outfit. It’s important to choose them carefully. There are people who go overboard on what they wear for photos, and there are people who do the opposite. Not enough thought went into the clothes. Look for a middle ground. Don’t dress so formal that you can’t move around freely. Each person’s outfit should complement (or clash) with others. Family members should wear clothing that flows.

Select the right time. Beach portraits have two main options. Sunrise or sunset are the best times. After sunrise, the sun is very harsh over the beach, and there’s no shade. Sunrise and sunset have softer and flattering lighting! Choosing the right time for your family portrait is important. You need to decide if sunrise sessions are right for your group and if you want to get up early. Getting your session done first thing in the morning gives you the rest of the day to yourself! Do little kids do better in the mornings or in the evenings? Is it normal for them to be tired in the evening and lose their attention? If you decide on an evening session , you might want them take a short nap before the session.

Make sure you have fun. Having covered all the traditional shots, it’s time to have some fun. Magic happens here. Get candid, be silly, play in the sand or water, or walk down the beach together. Everyone will feel amazing and glad they spent an hour on it if it ends with fun. After all, it’s an experience. One that’s worth it. Images of the people you love, in a place you love, to cherish forever. 

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